Since the souls of demon are a game, you want all of the help which you may get. Rather than gaining expertise and killing enemies, killing enemies at the souls of demon rewards you with spirits, which should be exchanged with the entire witch in market for stat points at the nexus.

As a result of this, it is important that when seeking to collect souls you don’t expire before you return into the nexus (because you will fall each the spirits you’re taking at that time). The ideal place I’ve discovered to gain spirits is on par 4-2 (called ‘the shrine of storms’). Everything you have to do in the point would be drop off the ledge to run forward, turn around and run down the corridor. Whenever you have completed this, then turn around and run off the cliff in the opposite end (thus killing yourself), because this usually means that you’ll re-spawn at the beginning and also the reaper will soon be there again for one to kill.

Since you may run back and forth, this works great and you are able to collect around 100,000 spirits in 15 minutes!

One way which you are able to boost the number of spirits is by this ring can be purchased in levels 3-1 to get 50,000 souls in the store keeper. The wills increase quantity of souls, 20 percent given you, and so is well worth what you will pay for this.

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