If you’ve played League of Legends (LoL) before, you might have heard of the Elo ranking system. It is often called by some LoL players as ELO hell due to the high possibility of getting losing streaks during rank matches that would immediately throw them below their initial rank, which would lead to a great loss of rewards at the end of each season. If you’re one of the unfortunate players who have to deal with the events of Elo hell, there are a couple of ways you could do to get back up to your desired rank.

The quick way is to higher an Elo boosting service that is capable of boosting your rank up without requiring you to participate. The Boosteria Company is an example of a great Elo boosting service where they have delivered high-quality results to players who have requested for the company’s help. The staff at the Boosteria Company are professionally skilled to reach the player’s desired goal while also following strict rules in terms of the player’s privacy and behavior when gaining access to the player’s account.

But if you’re a player who’s striving to work hard the traditional way, it is advised to stay humble and practice your moves outside of ranked matches. It is important that players polish their skills after a losing streak by playing matches that will not affect their Elo rank. Also, nobody likes a negative player going around typing profanities after each mistake. Learn to be a team player and ignore taunts from a toxic player. Not everyone in the League of Legend community is nice, positive, and mature enough to accept mistakes.

While you’re stuck at the bottom of the Elo ranking system, remember to give yourself time to improve even as the season may be ending. It is safer to keep your current rank that to risk losing in a sinking ship of losses.