Makeup Photo Editor Apps for Guys

Move aside, girls. While you have already a ton of makeup apps made for you, it’s time to let the guys through and have their own makeup photo editor. Men have been often discriminated against having to explore himself in terms of experimenting different bright colored styles or play around with some makeup on their face. It takes a great deal of confidence to buy their own makeup if they wish to cover up some parts of their face without feeling insecure. For females they already have a long list of the top apps made for their facial structure, but what about guys? Here are some makeup photo editor apps that will help you boost your confidence in one tap.

  1. Facetune

Facetune is the game changer for makeup photo editors. With a snap of a photo, the app can turn you or someone else into a totally new and refreshed person! The app, however, does not come free. With a fee of $2.99, you get a totally huge bundle that’s worth your while if you’re someone who’s constantly fixing pictures of people every day.

  1. Makeup Plus – Makeup Camera

If you’re a man who loves to experiment with makeup but just doesn’t have enough the supplies to do so, Makeup Plus offers makeup right on the spot as you flip open your camera. The app is specialized in live makeup filters that give you the ability to alter your pictures immediately. This way, it’s easier for guys to express themselves partially before making a trip to the makeup store.


  1. Beard Photo Editor

Beard Photo Editor is built with various hair, mustache, beard filters that get guys to have fun and check out how they’ll look if they were to have a twirled mustache. The app is free to use and built with loads of fun.

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