Drug Test Result – Factors that might Affect your Job

As random drug testing is sometimes required by some employers if an employee will get a positive result, can he be fired? This might be on your mind once you hear the news your employer wants you to undergo a drug test out of the blue!

For smokers and drug users, this is, of course, a frightening requirement. How can they prepare for this? How can they clean themselves when they only have a short time notice? Is this your situation right now? Are you scared you might lose your job?

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But will you be fired really if you fail the drug test? According to the experts, this will depend on some factors.

The types of drug screens – this is good for applicants and most of the time, this process is already advertised.

Your location – depending on the laws in the state where you belong, an employer might deny you of the job if you fail the test. Especially if you are still an applicant or a just a contractual.

Industry factor – there are really companies that do not allow smokers. As this is notified right from the start, of course, they have the right to deny someone a job who is not compliant with their rules.

Though there are solutions right now for smokers and drug users, you should not rely on this too much. This is not a permanent situation especially that our technologies are fast evolving. It means that drug testing tools can become more sensitive and more effective. It might be hard to fake the result in the future.

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